Beirut Reborn cover
(far left); page detail
from Chapter 1 (left)
and page 89 (below)

Photography by
Mark Mercer


Solidere was established by Rafik Hariri, Prime Minster of Lebanon, as a public-private enterprise to reconstruct Beirut’s city centre, devastated by years of conflict.

In addition to the challenge of rebuilding the city, Solidere was charged with the even more daunting task of rebuilding Beirut’s image internationally. Ken worked with Dr Nasser Chamma, CEO, and Angus Gavin, chief urban planner, to articulate the vision for the new city centre as meeting ground for it’s diverse communities.

Beirut Reborn, a large format book was conceived and produced to present the aspirations for the capital as the economic and cultural engine of the nation. More important, the document served as an important tool to secure investors and to showcase the ground-breaking work.

Today, its messages are still used by urban planners and development agencies around the world to tell the story of Beirut as a role model for ‘city making’ in the 21st century.