From employee launch of
The Hydro Way

Photo by Michael Heffernan


For almost a decade, Ken has helped shape the brand strategy and communications of this Global Fortune 500 company, one of Norway’s most respected.

Hydro was established in 1905 to develop hydropower for industry, the same year the country achieved independence from Sweden. The life of country and company have been intertwined ever since and even today, Hydro’s activities in its home market continue to  shape the local communities in which it operates.

With over 23,000 employees in 30+ countries, Hydro’s focus today is global. As part of the brand management team, Ken has led scores of strategic brand management processes  across the company’s ever-widening arenas. His work has helped raise awareness to and understanding of The Hydro Way, the core principles of the company’s brand strategy, among senior management and employees. In doing so, he has helped embed instinctive application of these principles into the operational fabric of the company to ensure it can contribute to a sustainable 21st century.