About me

One of my clients tagged me better than I ever could…

…a creative soul with a strategic mind.



I channel this passion to help companies become more self-aware and use their brand to manage stakeholder relationships more effectively.

My professional background comes from two streams of experience–initially as a designer and creative director and then over 15 years as a brand and communications strategist. My clients draw on this combination of skills continuously. Perhaps that’s why I get a buzz out of helping everyone – from CEO to those on the shop floor – make the brand integral to their job.

Aligning belief, communication and action – a fundamental part of brand management – is a challenge in every organization. I find it exciting and inspiring to help companies take their brand responsibilities more seriously, without taking themselves too seriously. The more they “get it”, the more they and their stakeholders stand to gain.

Over the past ten years I’ve consulted with multinational clients on their home turf and around the globe. Their teams gain from my experience in developing brand management skills; I learn from testing the principles of brand strategy against the realities of a business in motion.

More than once, I have found myself being pulled in by my client’s management consultants to advise them on how to apply the brand strategy to their tasks. It’s at that point that I realize that creativity supersedes analytics. Helping clients adapt to the changing landscape is not just about efficiency. It is about using the brand to innovate and move beyond what is expected, to achieve what can be imagined.

Currently based in London and San Francisco, I keep my client base small to focus my energies on the teams I work with. The types of work I do range from managing brand development processes for Fortune 500 companies to one-on-one mentoring at executive management level.

My recent assignments have included repositioning a NASDAQ-listed software company, facilitating a communications workshops for senior management, developing brand governance documents for a Global Fortune 500 company and building a customer success-story database for a high-tech sales and marketing organization.

Each of these far-flung projects shares one thing in common. They are all evidence of the strategic importance of “C-level” brand management to operational success.

Kenneth R Windsor
June 2011