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One of my clients tagged me better than I ever could: a creative soul with a strategic mind, helping companies become more self aware.

Change the world one story at a time

Shaping an activist corporate narrative

Stories change everything. Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1851 was credited with helping to change views on slavery. George Bush’s story about weapons of mass destruction started a questionable war. Henry Paulson’s story that Lehman Bros was not too big to fail brought down a global bank and started a recession. Whether it’s an epic tale or a personal experience, the narratives we construct help us shape our place in the world, express our identity and build relationships.


A call for the omnidirectional communicator

Imagining next-generation communication management

Chapstick™ deletes criticisms from its Facebook page. Bayer closes its Facebook pages to avoid public comment. Facebook uses a PR agency to smear Google. Companies who think they can control the message still seem to be using social media to talk at, rather than listen to their stakeholders.


Remembering Steve

The transformative power of the creative spirit

Much has been written about the genius of Steve Jobs, who passed away on October 5. Comparisons to Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and other 20th century innovators have flooded the media.


Cloudy, with a chance of clarity

Four C-level brand management weapons to cut through the fog

The conversation was turning scratchy. “That’s nothing but cloud washing”, he said. “A lot of very large hardware and software companies have a vested interest in obscuring the difference between cloud architectures and existing architectures. They’ll find ways of showing why nothing has changed. If you don’t recognize that, you won’t be able to cut through the clutter.” As the interview with the senior Forrester analyst continued to elicit more jaw-dropping remarks, my takeaway was clear – the brand is THE ultimate weapon of choice against hype and “fear, uncertainty and doubt” (FUD).


Will employees “friend” your brand?

Look beyond Facebook and Twitter. Brand management is also about the conversation inside.

It was a reputation catastrophe in the making. Corporate management had hoped it would pass quickly and quietly, but it did not. The newswires were buzzing. My client had called that morning to alert me to a financial rumor about one of the board members. Corporate Communication was already in crisis mode. Every conversation in the canteen that afternoon was trying to solve the crisis. Instead of management silence and employee gossip, there should have been an internal forum for that conversation. It may not have resolved the crisis, but at least trust would not have been so badly eroded.