It’s the brand

Every company has a brand to manage.

Like any other asset, it must be actively managed to thrive.

We’re not talking about logos. A brand is the asset that your CFO calls ‘goodwill’, the quality your HR director knows attracts the best talent, and the reason your customers keep coming back.

It’s your focus as an organization. Your promise to all stakeholders. Your commitment to customers and employees. Above all, it’s how you manage your relationships to grow and last. These are just a few of the myriad facets that will make your brand shine, or if neglected, lose relevance.

Why does a brand need to be actively managed? Primarily, to stay relevant in the face of change whether that change is in technology, culture, customer behavior, employee loyalty, mergers, ethics or other sea changes.

Great brands are consistent, relevant and unique. They have an essential quality that sets them apart. Honing that point of difference in a changing landscape to create greater value is what brand management is all about.