Apply brand wisdom to business challenges.

Watch them turn to opportunities.



We help organizations make the most of their brands by applying brand wisdom to strategic issues and operational tasks. This kind of active management is vital to keeping your brand voice clear and relevant to all involved.

As a hands-on consulting service, Brand Advocat works with your management
teams including directors of strategy, communications, marketing, CSR, or HR. We use the brand as reference point, whatever the task, to build powerful, brand centric communications and internal competence and knowledge.

We make a difference in several areas. By leading or participating in project teams, we help raise awareness and competency in using the brand as a decision-making tool.

By interfacing with your agencies, we bring objective brand input to help you better guide their work. Whatever the task – a brochure, website, climate communication, annual report, advertisement, training, sponsorship or a new product launch –we ensure that it’s done effectively, using the brand as the lens.

We work on a per diem basis, agreed in advance, against a specific set of goals and timeframe.

Clarity, transparency, simplicity and creativity are Brand Advocat touchstones.
And we make it easy for you to bring us into any assignment.

We respect confidentiality. We do not work with competitors or peers during our work with you, and commit to not disclosing proprietary information.