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One of my clients tagged me better than I ever could: a creative soul with a strategic mind, helping companies become more self aware.

Kyrgyzstan to be rebranded k2Yz?

Typographer revolt incites regime change News flash: In a surprising turn of events, it emerged that local typographers and branding experts incited the bloody uprising last month in Kyrgyzstan. Unconfirmed reports suggest that a local trade organization had been forced … Continued


Brand management & corporate amnesia

Your alumni still remember, even if you don’t

Most corporate communication managers would laugh you out of their office if you suggested that past employees should be considered a serious stakeholder audience. Reflecting on a recent evening spent with past work colleagues, I couldn’t help but think about how much brand goodwill is squandered when companies forget about their past ambassadors. 


United-Continental: Brand mash-up

Why the M&A Department might need a lesson in brand management

Why is it that most merger & acquisition teams seem to think they’re good at logo design? Or that politicians consider themselves naming experts? The United–Continental merger announced this week prompts a few observations on reckless brand management induced by merger midwives.