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One of my clients tagged me better than I ever could: a creative soul with a strategic mind, helping companies become more self aware.

Out of Brand Rehab

The Economist raises the banner for brand awareness

An article about brand management in The Economist last week caught my eye as I was slogging my way home with the masses stranded by the flight ban caused by the Icelandic volcano. The brands noted in my ‘volcano blog post’  might well have benefited from the insights in this article.


Brand vs the Volcano (& the Tea Lady)

A few observations on managing the brand in a crisis

You learn a lot about a brand in a crisis, especially when volcanoes are involved. Thankfully the human suffering from this week’s eruption of the volcano under the Eyjafjallajökull glacier can be classed mostly as a massive personal, political and industrial inconvenience. Hopefully, it will not exceed this and the economic consequences will be contained.


Was that iPip or iPad?

A lesson from Apple in brand management

After a 10-month hiatus from my blog, I thought it a fitting moment to jump back into the fray when just about every newspaper on the planet is covering the addition of a ‘magical and revolutionary’ brand to the Apple pantheon. I’ve been fascinated with Apple’s methodology-defying brand management practices for some time. So perhaps this is a good time to dig a bit deeper into their success.